Angel is a 10th grader who needs help in Science.

Get to know Angel and his family better

Please describe your student and why you qualify for tutoring.
Angel is a very introverted person. She used to be in foster care but I took over as role of guardian/grandmother when she was 9. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 6 and she is now 15. The ADHD has sometimes made it hard for Angel to focus, but she is managing. I have been trying to cater to her academic needs, but what she is learning now is beyond my knowledge. Angel is the third child of four. She has an older sister who is 23 and has two kids with another on the way. Her other older sister is 16 and her younger sister is 14. I am looking for some help for Angel, because she has only another year or two of high school before she goes to college. I will try to stick to whatever schedule we are given, as long as she shows some sort of academic progress. I hope that this helps her and we look forward to working with you.

What are your greatest hopes for your student?
I would like for Angel to bring in a report card with all A's and B's. I want her to go to college and be something in life that she wants. I want her to succeed.

What are you most grateful for?
I am most grateful for being alive. Angel is grateful for her education.

Please describe specifically what your student needs help with.
My granddaughter needs help in Chemistry. She has been struggling for a while and she brought me to this website. We are hoping that you could help us. At the moment, she maintains a B-average and has an almost failing grade in Chemistry. She says that she is working on Balancing chemical equations and that she has to calculate the products. She says that her teacher is not explaining it in the way that she could understand it, so we are seeking help.

According to the student, how can we make the world a better place?
You can make the world a better place by helping teach people who need it and dedicating your time to the community. (Unless you don't like peoplešŸ˜€)

What is the student's favorite book?
The Fireman by Joe Hill, The Warriors Series by Erin Hunter, and Intensity By Dean Koontz

What does the student want to 'learn to be' when they grow up?
I want to be a Firefighter when I am older. Or a genius... whichever ones is more attainablešŸ˜€.


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