Juan is a 5th grader who needs help in Reading.

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Please describe your student and why you qualify for tutoring.
My son is 11 and half years old. He is a great kid but very stubborn and strong-willed. He has many interests such as Legos, video games and drawing. He is very creative and likes to make his own comic books. He is very talented in drawing and likes to draw things he sees on video games. We adopted him when he was 4 yrs old and have been very blessed to call him our son. He immediately started speech when we received custody of him and he continues in it today. We have seen a huge improvement in speech, however his reading is remains a huge problem. I am very concerned that as he advances in grades and there is more and more reading, that he will continue to fall behind and become extremely discoraged with school. I would love to see him graduate high school and continue in his edcuation. I am really looking for some help for him so he will become a better reader and not have a poor self-esteem due to being behind his other classmates.

What are your greatest hopes for your student?
To see his reading improve and have better self-esteem in his abilities.

What are you most grateful for?
Everyday that I have on this earth and that I can share my salvation with my family and friends

Please describe specifically what your student needs help with.
My child is currently several years behind his grade level in reading. He has an IEP in place and will be receiving extra help in his classroom this coming year. He will be in fifth grade this year and only reading on a second grade level. I have been encouraging his reading, however he is easily discouraged. He has been in speech for the last 7 years and I feel this has contributed to his reading problems. His main problems are fluency skills in reading oral, sentence fluency and word fluency. Passage comprehensive skills are also a greatly behind.

According to the student, how can we make the world a better place?
"I Don't Know"

What is the student's favorite book?
Minecraft Lost Island

What does the student want to 'learn to be' when they grow up?
"I don't know yet"


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