Jaden is an 8th grader who needs help in Reading.

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Please describe your student and why you qualify for tutoring.
Jaden is very strong willed and loves the out doors. Unfortunately he is emotionally stressed out because he has fallen behind in his grade level. He is now in 8th grade and a few years while in between 1st and 2nd grade he was having a lot of health issues which made him miss a whole lot of school. I almost got investigated by child protective services for his missing school soooo much. Anyhow it was a bitter sweet thing that happened because now we had proof that there was something wrong with my sons health that he finally ended up in the hospital for about 6 days for observation and testing because Drs where convinced he had a rare tumor and that he was going to die in 3 months. So yes my son was super ill. Thankfully, even though this was a wrong diagnosis he is still a high risk for this "rare tumor" and is being checked on yearly. Needless to say he missed out on so much of his core education and to add to that he ended up doing home school on and off for a few years because he needed to adjust and go through more tests. So he missed out on more of basic core learning. As of right now his school is not willing to help with any of his learning gaps. This is unfortunate and disappointing. They are kind of pressuring me into getting him an IEP but I would like to try to fill those missing learning gaps before I even start thinking of an IEP. Please help thank you so much Vanessa ugalde

What are your greatest hopes for your student?
My goal is to have him fill in those learning gaps so then we know if we of really need to get him an IEP or not.

What are you most grateful for?
I am most great full for my kids because they do show love and concern for others no matter there race or station and for them having the ability to show human empathy and genuine neighborly love for others.

Please describe specifically what your student needs help with.
my son is below his grade level in all core subjects: English, math, science and geography/history. He does have many reading, wirting and comprehension gaps that I would like to start at.

According to the student, how can we make the world a better place?
for humans not to make toxic products

What is the student's favorite book?

What does the student want to 'learn to be' when they grow up?


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