Virtual Classroom

At the heart of the Learn To Be online tutoring program is the virtual classroom. We wanted to put together a virtual classroom that was a seamless transition from the in-person tutoring model to online tutoring. Demo our virtual classroom and see what kinds of neat features we've built that help us make the most academic impact in the lives of our students.


Every Session Recorded

We wanted to make sure that not only did students have an opportunity to rewatch and learn from past sessions they took part in, but that we also could prove our program and so we record every session that has taken place.


Tools For Collaboration

Utilizing new webRTC technology built by Mozilla and Google, our virtual classroom allows for much better audio quality than traditional online classrooms allow. In addition, tutors and students have at their disposal many tools that allow them to work together effectively. This includes freehand writing tools and basic geometry tools as well as the ability to upload and annotate documents.

Integration with the Khan Academy

We have embedded over 400 exercises created and open-sourced by Khan Academy, an education non-profit. These exercises allow tutors to assign problems to students during their tutoring session as well as to monitor their mastery of concepts they've assigned. They can track things like how long it takes their student to answer problems and how many wrong answers they're inputting. If the student is struggling still, tutors can use the virtual classroom whiteboard area to clarify concepts.