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Why LTB?

Tutor At Your Own Convenience.

Forget driving in traffic to tutor a child. With our custom virtual classroom, you can tutor from the convenience of your dorm room, apartment, home or local coffee shop! You set your own schedule for when you're available and we'll contact you whenever a student requests a session at that time.

Make A Real Impact.

Think of a time when you were growing up where you couldn't solve that one math problem or you just needed some clarity on a small concept and you could take it from there. You might have been able to ask a parent or a peer for help, but there are thousands of communities with children that don't have those opportunities. Join us so you can give back to those students and help them succeed.

Mentor Students Nationwide.

Not only will you be able to help that student with his last algebra problem, but that one session can turn into a recurring academic mentorship. You'll have the opportunity to connect with student and build relationships with them so they can reach their academic potential.

Use Some Pretty Cool Technology.

Our virtual classroom is like Skype and Google Hangout and the whiteboard in your classrooms all combined. We've got everything you would need in order to help students the most. You don't have to rely on just text chat. You can use audio, video and the whiteboard canvas areas to teach anything from basic algebra to advanced calculus. And all of these sessions are recorded so you can watch your teaching masterpiece anytime you want!

University Chapters.

Are you a college student? If you answered yes, then did you know that hundreds of your college peers across the nation are part of what we call Learn To Be University Chapters? We have chapters at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas at Dallas, the University of Michigan, the University of California at San Diego, Syracuse University and many more. In total, we have over 15 university chapters across the nation! These are young social entrepreneurs who have created clubs on their college campuses that serve to recruit more tutors and who take their teams into their local communities to help students in need. Just another reason to join the LTB team!

We're The Only Ones Doing This.

There aren't any other organizations in the world doing what we're doing: offering 100% free on-demand help for students everywhere. It's an ambitious undertaking and that's what excites us.