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We asked parents of Learn To Be students what their greatest hopes are for their learners.

Here's what some of them had to say:

Some of my greatest hope for my daughter is that she will go to college and study what she feels passionate about. Then she'll get a job she loves. I know she can do it.

I would like Nathaniel to get better grades and be happy in his work that he completes. He is very strong willed and takes his work very seriously. I just want him to get the help he needs and keep his confidence up.

My greatest hopes for A'Myah is that she reaches her fullest potential. She is truly on fire and capable of doing whatever she sets her mind to.

I always say I am not raising a child but I am raising a person to be an adult that should have all the tools necessary to be an active productive member to society. I want her and all my children to have a comfortable well life, to be independent and self sustaining.

That he finds the confidence to keep moving forward and not look at the distractions of things being too hard. A new hope that everything is okay and nothing's too hard to accomplish, as long as you speak up and ask for it. Thereafter, applying what's learned to a finish line that will bring him to his dreams.

I hope she turns out to be the Doctor as she wishes to be.

My greatest hope for Chloe is that she goes to college to fulfill her dreams of becoming a neurologist.

To improve in all subjects and get better grades to prepare and qualify for a ivy league college.

I really want to see his confidence come back. I hope he is able to see in himself what his family and teachers see in him. Our goal is to get him into the local math and science academy.

To be able to excel in her education and life

My greatest hope is that my son will be successful in this program, in school as well as life. I believe he has the potential to be a major contribution to the world and the people he will encounter in his life.

For him to gain a different way to learn and retain the information necessary for his education, to start enjoying school/learning, and progress with his math computation skills.

Our greatest hopes for Gisel is that she achieves her full potential as a bright student. She's always overcome her setbacks with help and guidance. As well as becoming a wonderful person in the field of which she chooses to study in and work in. Her kind heart and determination are what drive her forward and we would love for her to use those qualities to help others (including animals) and make a difference in the world.

My hopes for wanyea is that she realizes she has what it takes to do anything she wants.

To understand and be able to take her GPA higher for greater achievements in life.

To be happy!

I want to be a great scientist and to make greats things when I grow up

That he would succeed and become a great help to society.

To become an outstanding person and to go after her dreams.

The logic mom in me wants her to succeed in her education tremendously. Graduate high school with and associate degree and with the grades to get in the best colleges to be able to het the best education and be successful.

I wish to see her go to college like her sisters and succeed in passing the class with flying colors. I also would love to see her keep her love for math, and not have it ruined by her difficulty with Calculus this year.

My Greatest hope is that he reaches his full potential, I know he is hard working and capable of learning. I know with a little help he can overcome and gain confidence again in his ability to do math and even enjoy it!