Learn To Be Summer Study Buddies

By Dan Solt
December 31, 2023

Did you know?

The most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores came out in the fall of 2022 and the results were alarming. The test, taken by 9-year-olds nationwide, showed math scores plunging by seven points from pre-pandemic levels, and reading scores sunk five points, erasing roughly two decades of academic progress. Without consistent exposure to key topics and concepts, children forget what they learned which makes learning new topics even more difficult. However, resources like summer school, summer reading programs, summer math programs, and academic summer camps can help review and reinforce key topics from the year before.

Why Summer Tutoring Is So Important

One of the main reasons why summer tutoring programs are so beneficial is because it not only allows your child to revisit past concepts but it also fills in any gaps in knowledge from the previous year. Students have different ways of learning, and sometimes, a lack of one-on-one teaching during the school year can lead to students falling behind in class. On average, a student loses a month of subject knowledge during the summer. That means that some children lose much more than a month’s worth of information and may start the next year significantly behind.

“Two-thirds of teachers polled in a recent survey said they spend at least a month reteaching students old material when they return from summer vacation." 

- Nora Fleming, "After Summer, Teachers Spend a Month Reteaching Students"

Sometimes students lose their interest in learning during the school year. This happens at every grade level among struggling students and high-achieving students alike. Sometimes during the school year student and teachers have to move quickly through the material to stay on track and meet the deadlines of the curriculum. Thankfully, tutoring over the summer doesn’t have to be as regimented if the student needs a different pace or something else altogether. Tutoring can help your child explore the areas of each subject that interest them more, and engage them with projects and assignments that will captivate their attention. One of the things that children love to learn is how each subject relates to real-world applications. The best summer tutoring provides an avenue for your child to explore subjects in a more engaging way that will get them excited about learning.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Even if you think your child has a strong memory and grasp on their course work, summer tutoring can help them master their learning skills. Summer tutoring allows children to practice skills that aren't always taught in-depth but are fundamental. Tutors can give students exercises and projects that practice skills such as note-taking, organization, active listening, writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and more. 

Learn To Be Summer Camp 2023

Knowing that summer is often a time when children fall behind, we want to offer students affordable tutoring programs to stay on track this summer. Here at Learn To Be, we are offering a free summer camp where students can work with our tutors to revisit old material and get ready for the upcoming school year. 

How It Works

This summer we are offering two different programs, one that can cover any subject and one specifically for reading. Your child may participate in one or both of these programs.

General Tutoring Program

In our free General Summer Tutoring Program, you have the option to have your child work with one specific tutor or with multiple instructors to cover any subject including nontraditional subjects such as coding or graphic design. Children participating in our Summer Camp must attend at least 10 hours of tutoring sessions over the duration of the summer camp. Learn To Be's summer camp begins on May 12th and runs through the summer until August 31st.

Free Summer Reading Program

In our free Summer Reading Tutoring Program, your child can choose to read books from their school summer reading list with or without their tutor. For each book they read, they will meet with their tutor to discuss the book and what they learned. Our tutors can help students practice reading comprehension, learn new vocabulary words, and ask questions to exercise critical thinking skills.

What’s in it for students aside from learning?

Children who complete 15 hours with their study buddy will receive a certificate of completion that can be shared with their school, and relatives, or hung around the house! Your student will love the appreciation and acknowledgment of their hard work over the summer. In addition, every student who DOUBLES their study buddy hours (30+) will receive a Learn To Be Summer Study Buddy T-Shirt! Learn To Be Tutors in the program will also be rewarded. Tutors who complete 15 hours will receive a letter of recommendation, and those who reach 30+ hours will also receive an LTB Study Buddy T-shirt. 

My child is already receiving tutoring at Learn To Be, can they join the Summer Camp?

Absolutely! And the best part is, you don't have to do a thing. Children that continue to work with their tutors over the summer will automatically have their hours count toward this camp and its prizes. Encourage your child to continue their tutoring sessions during the summer and make the most out of the time they have out of school.

Keeping up with learning throughout the summer is vital to your child's education. We want to help as much as we can to ensure that students have a strong understanding of the topics and skills they need for the next grade. Help set your student up to succeed next school year by getting them enrolled in our summer camp today! 

Have more questions about summer tutoring for elementary students or any grade level? Reach out to us here.

By Dan Solt
December 31, 2023