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Free, 1-on-1,
online tutoring

We help kids from underserved communities unlock their potential by connecting them with exceptional tutors online, for free.

What we offer

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1:1 live sessions with tutors who care.

We think relationships really matter. That’s why at Learn To Be, students work 1-on-1 with the same tutor each week.

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Computer screenshot of a tutor and student working through math and reading problems
Computer screenshot of a tutor and student working through math and reading problems
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Interactive practice problems to work on during your sessions

We integrate K-12 material into our sessions to provide live, interactive problems to solve in math, reading, writing and more.

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The Basics

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We’re on a mission to make the lives of underserved kids and their families easier, their opportunities greater, and their dreams bigger. We are always trying to be as transparent as possible. Below you'll see our internal data. This data is updated in real time.

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Students Supported

"In just a few short months since we launched our partnership with Learn To Be, iFoster members from multiple states have benefited from more than 500 hours of free tutoring. Caregivers and social workers have shared that the tutoring is going great, their participants are getting better grades, are more engaged in school, have better attendance and are more confident in school since working with their Learn To Be tutor."

Jill Bloch

“Her tutor Delaney is one in a million! SO kind, patient, and understanding. Julissa loves her so much! She tells me she likes tutoring because she is learning and she doesn't hate math anymore. Thank you Delaney for making a difference in our lives.”

LTB Mother

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