How a Learn To Be tutor earned the PVSA by helping his student with the fundamentals of math

By Micole Friedman
February 12, 2024

How many hours have you tutored?

49.95 hours

Tell us about your favorite moment(s) tutoring with your student(s).

When I first started tutoring my student, he struggled with multiplication tables and computing arithmetic promptly. However, after several hours of practice with him and repetitive problem-solving, he memorized all his multiplication tables from 1-5. The day he showed up to class solving all the multiplication problems that I was giving him in a matter of seconds provided a level of satisfaction unlike any other. Ever since then, I have pledged myself to go above and beyond for my students.

What kind of specific impact has your tutoring had on your student?

My student was able to learn the first five multiplication tables and consistently scored +90% on math tests.

Why did you decide to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) through Learn To Be over other organizations?

Learn To Be is an inclusive community of tutors that is dedicated to providing tutoring access for children living in underprivileged areas. Earning the PVSA will help LTB expand its platform and make a positive impact on the lives of others, just like it has done on mine!

How does earning the PVSA help you in your future?

The PVSA will bolster my college application and quantify my contribution to LTB. I will also use it for other summer program applications under the volunteering section!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for the opportunity to earn the PVSA!

Interested in earning the PVSA through Learn To Be? Consider applying to be a tutor by visiting Click here to learn more about the PVSA and how you can earn it through Learn To Be. Volunteering with Learn To Be means providing free, online tutoring to students who need it most. We hope you'll join us.

By Micole Friedman
February 12, 2024