What is the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and How Can You Get Involved?

By Dan Solt
January 20, 2024

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) recognizes volunteers that are committed to helping others. Here at Learn To Be, we pride ourselves on being a PVSA Certifying Organization. Tutoring with us is one of the easiest ways to help those in need and earn the PVSA.

Since 2003, the PVSA has been celebrating volunteers all across the United States. The award enables Certifying Organizations (like Learn To Be!) to reward volunteers for their commitment and dedication to serving their community. In the past, Learn To Be tutors have put this volunteer service award on scholarship applications, college applications, medical school applications, and job resumes.

What are the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Requirements?

To qualify for the PVSA, you must meet the hour and service requirements. The PVSA award level achieved varies based on age and hours logged. The different levels of the award are bronze, silver, gold, and the President's Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who complete over 4,000 hours of service in their lifetime.

Here is a breakdown of how many hours you need to volunteer in order to receive a PVSA depending on your age:

Tracking every hour you spend volunteering is necessary to qualify for the reward. Other organizations may supply you with an hours tracking sheet or you can find a template to help you here. Once you have completed the volunteer hours, submit them to your PVSA organization. The organization will review and verify the hours before submitting them to the PVSA. At Learn To Be, we make this task easy by tracking and monitoring hours in your tutoring account.

What Are PVSA Certifying Organizations?

Learn To Be is one of the few organizations that meets the requirements and is approved by the PVSA program, known as a Certifying Organization. Requirements for these organizations include:

  • Verifying volunteer service hours
  • Taking the Certifying Organization e-course
  • Conducting business ethically
  • Maintaining a database of volunteer information

Not all volunteer organizations meet these criteria and only those that are certified can be eligible to provide you with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. A full list of requirements can be found here.

Why Choose Virtual Volunteering and Online Tutoring Opportunities

When it comes to the exact nature of your volunteering, there is a wide variety of choices. Most people look for something that has the largest impact on the people they are helping in a short time. Tutoring has the potential to change lives and shape futures. When you help underserved kids do better in school, you can change the course of their lives. We think relationships really matter. That’s why at Learn To Be, you’ll work 1-on-1 with the same student each week, for as long as you need to help them reach their goals. The subject you tutor is up to you!

In the past, the number of tutor volunteering opportunities available depended on where you lived. You couldn't tutor anyone unless you were in the same room as them. Now that tutoring online is common, organizations like ours make it easy to help others. No matter where you live we give tutors like you the opportunity to use their skills to help students in need.

Learn To Be is a PVSA Certifying Organization

Learn To Be is a Certifying Organization that can provide you with a great opportunity to achieve the presidental award for volunteering, regardless of your location. We are an online tutoring organization where you can volunteer to provide one-on-one, free tutoring to students in need.

To become a Learn To Be tutor, complete a short application online. After we accept your application, you will receive training and access to our online tutoring platform. We’ll walk you through how to use your account to connect with a student, message your student, schedule sessions, host your sessions through our platform and more! We will also track all of your hours for you so you don't have to. And we'll let you know once you've become eligible for the PVSA! But most importantly, our platform will connect you with students in need of academic help. Learn To Be is a great way to make an impact on others and earn recognition for your efforts through the PVSA.

Some testimonials

Why PVSA Recipient William Chose To Tutor With Learn To Be

Aditi Earned The PVSA After Tutoring A 6th Grader In Math For 110 Hours

If you're looking for a good way to share your passion for education, volunteer with Learn To Be. Click here to apply!

By Dan Solt
January 20, 2024