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Are you a high school student? A college student? A professional? Recent retiree? If you answered yes to any of these, become an online volunteer tutor with Learn To Be! Scroll down to learn more or:


Why join Learn To Be?

  • A really easy way to do good

    Help K-12 underserved youth in math, science, reading and writing from wherever is most convenient and whenever is most convenient.
  • Community service hours

    We get it. You're trying to get into Harvard or win the MacArthur Genius Grant and need some official community service hours to help get you there. We got you.
  • An amazing community

    Meet, connect and become BFF's with PhD's, NASA scientists, engineers, writers and historians in our community.


How it works

  • Apply

    Fill out the application below and we'll notify you once you have been accepted.
  • Meet a student

    Visit student profile pages and find the best student for you. Meet them (and their family) over email and work out the best day/time tutoring.
  • Tutor

    Meet your student in the Learn To Be virtual classroom and help them Learn To Be whatever they want!

Bottom Line

Volunteer online an hour a week, from wherever you are. And make a meaningful difference. We think you'll love it. :)