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We have volunteer opportunities for high schoolers, college students, retirees and working professionals! Teach students online from any location with flexible scheduling that you control.
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Improve student outcomes and expand their opportunities

When you help underserved kids do better in school, you can change the course of their lives. We think relationships really matter. That’s why at Learn To Be, you’ll work 1-on-1 with the same student each week, for as long as you need to help them reach their goals. The subject you tutor is up to you! Whether it is math and algebra, reading and writing, or chemistry and science, you can be sure there are student who need tutoring in that topic.

Volunteering is more than community service

If you began volunteering because you need school credits, we’ve got your back! You'll be able to track the hours you spend volunteering, and tutoring can also help you develop leadership, communication, organization skills and take the first step toward building a career in helping others.

Build Your Network

Join our private online community and engage with some pretty incredible people. Meet and become buddies with NASA scientists, engineers, writers, historians, and industry leaders in our community of thousands of volunteer tutors. You might find a mentor of your own!
How It Works

One student. One tutor. Every week.

Select a student you think you can help. We'll provide you with everything you need to help your student be their best self at school!

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Search through student profiles to find the perfect fit for you based on your experience and schedule.


Meet with your student every week and help them unlock their potential!

97% of tutors would recommend tutoring with LTB to a friend.

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