Aditi earned the PVSA after tutoring a 6th grader in math for 110 hours

Neeraj Kapoor
January 2, 2024

Tell us about your favorite moment(s) tutoring with your student(s).

My favorite moments tutoring with my students are seeing their faces light up when they understand a topic thoroughly or answer a question correctly. Seeing them confident in their academics makes me feel joy.

What kind of specific impact has your tutoring had on your student?

My student's grades have improved, taking them from a C+ to a B+.

Why did you decide to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) through Learn To Be over other organizations?

Learn to Be has inspired me to tutor kids who don't have as many opportunities. I decided to earn my hours through Learn to Be because their mission is great.

How does earning the PVSA help you in your future?

Earning the PVSA can help me in the future because I can showcase my dedication to volunteering through this great extracurricular activity that gives back to communities around the US.

Interested in earning the PVSA through Learn To Be? Consider applying to be a tutor by visiting Click here to learn more about the PVSA and how you can earn it through Learn To Be. Volunteering with Learn To Be means providing free, online tutoring to students who need it most. We hope you'll join us.

Neeraj Kapoor
January 2, 2024