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Count with small numbers Practice counting up to 10 objects.
Name shapes 1 Practice identifying circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles.
Compare size Practice comparing 2 objects to see which is bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, or longer.
Compare numbers of objects 1 Practice counting which group has more objects.
Comparing numbers to 10 Practice saying if one number is less than or greater than another number. Numbers are between 0 and 10.
Missing numbers Find the missing number in a list of numbers. Numbers used are 20 or less.
Numbers to 100 Practice finding missing numbers in a list of numbers between 0 and 100.
Count in pictures Practice counting objects in pictures.
Count in order Practice counting without making mistakes.
Count objects 1 Practice counting up to 20 objects. Objects are organized neatly into rows and columns.
Find 1 more or 1 less than a number Practice finding one more or one less than a number.
Count objects 2 Practice counting up to 20 objects in random patterns. 
Making 5 Practice adding numbers to make 5.
Add within 10 Practice adding by "putting together" (with numbers less than 10).
Compare numbers of objects 2 Practice counting to see which group has the most things in it.
Add within 5 Add small numbers. All answers are five or less.
Subtract within 10 Practice subtracting by "taking apart" (with numbers less than 10).
Make 10 (grids and number bonds) Practice adding numbers to make 10. These problems show grids to help you out.
Making small numbers in different ways Practice making a number by adding other numbers. All numbers in these problems are less than 10.
Name shapes 2 Practice more challenging problems identifying circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles.
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