Our Mission

Learn To Be brings free, 1-on-1, online tutoring to underserved youth around the nation.

Our Vision

Equal opportunity for all students to receive the skills needed to thrive.

Who we work with

We work primarily with homeless youth, former gang members and students attending Title 1 schools. Our students range from age 9 through age 18.

But if you're a family that is struggling, has tried other ways to get your student additional help but to no avail, click the button below and apply. We want to help.


Students who may not benefit from online tutoring

We try to accommodate all students who fit within our mission and have a compelling need for tutoring. But not all students are best suited for tutoring through our online platform.

These are not firm guidelines, but things we have noticed over the years:

If your student suffers from learning disabilites like ADHD or dyslexia, online tutoring may not be the best platform for them. Also, we have found it tough for students below the age of 9 or 10 to sit through an online tutoring session without lots of supervision from an adult.

What subjects we teach

Over 90% of our tutoring is in math. But what subjects we are and are not able to tutor is determined by the expertise of our tutors. If you reach out with a need in a more obscure topic like AP French, it may be more difficult for us to find a tutor for you.

An important thing to note: As an organization, we aren't experts in every unique curriculum offered by individual states. As such, if you decide to fill out our enrollment form for a student and you are describing what they need help with, focus more on the concepts they need help with and less on the curriculum being used. This will give tutors a better sense of whether they feel comfortable helping the student.


Who are our tutors

Our over 500 volunteer tutors are comprised of brilliant high school students, college students and young professionals. They all fill out a thorough application and submit to a background check before being accepted. And they are the lifeline of our organization. And without them, this organization would not be able to run.


How does it work?

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Parents (or guardians, teachers, school administrators) fill out this application on behalf of a student.

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Once accepted, we broadcast the need to our tutors, who then can match with this student based on their availability and expertise.

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After matching, we connect the tutor with the student (and their family). The two meet on a weekly basis in our virtual classroom.

Where the tutoring takes place

All tutoring takes place in a virtual classroom we put together. This classroom is a lot like Skype or Google hangouts with its audio and video capabilities. But it also has a blank whiteboard canvas area where tutors and students can do things like draw out out ideas, upload documents, write on those documents, watch youtube videos with each other and much more!

Our impact

The map below highlights every city where we've hosted a tutoring session. That's 36216 tutoring sessions, to be exact!