Title Description
Word problems with "more" and "fewer" 1 Practice solving word problems by finding how many more (or fewer) objects there are. Numbers used are 20 or less.
Factor polynomials: common factor Practice finding the greatest common factors of polynomials and factoring them out of the polynomials.
Comparing linear functions word problem Compare features of two real-world relationships that can be modeled by linear functions, where the functions are represented in different ways.
Converting repeating decimals to fractions 1 Practice converting 1- and 2-digit repeating decimals to fractions.
Signs of expressions challenge Practice finding the signs of the answers to complex multiplication and division problems.
Tell time to hour or half hour Practice telling time on analog clocks to the hour or half hour.
Multiply complex numbers Given two complex numbers, find their product.
Empirical rule Practice applying the 68-95-99.7 empirical rule.
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