Title Description
US customary conversion word problems Practice US customary length, volume, and mass problems that require expressing measurements given in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit.
Multiplication and division word problems Practice solving multiplication and division word problems. Some problems have remainders.
Systems of linear equations word problems: Level 2
Volume of cones Practice applying the volume formulas for cones.
Volume of spheres Practice applying the volume formulas for spheres.
Weighted average intuition First let's make sure you are comfortable with this construction.
Weighted averages Calculate what weighting used in a weighted average of two points.
Weighted subdivision Understanding what happens in subdivision with different weights
Weighted average of three points Now it's your turn to prove you can calculate the weighted average. Later on we can let the computer do these calculations for us (phew!)
Write differential equations Write differential equations based on the description of a relationship between two quantities.
Write fractions as whole numbers Represent fractions as whole numbers and whole numbers as fractions.
Zeros of polynomials challenge problems Solve some more challenging problems that involve reasoning about the zeros of polynomials.
Equivalent fraction models Identify and create equivalent fractions using visual models.  
Create rectangles with a given area Practice finding the area of rectangles by counting unit square. Create rectangles with a given area by covering unit squares.
Measure to find area Practice measuring the side-lengths of a rectangle to find its area.
Multiply by tens word problems Solve word problems with multiples of ten.  Decompose multiples of ten to multiply. 
Multiplying 10s Practice multiplying 2-digit multiples of 10, such as 50x70=3500.
Multiply with arrays Practice multiplying 1-digit numbers using arrays.
Compare fractions of different wholes Compare two fractions based on the whole that each one refers to.
Patterns in multiplication tables Practice discovering and explaining patterns in multiplication tables.