The Brave Boy and the Devil

Once in a small village, there lived a young boy named Jack. He was a kind-hearted and brave boy who loved his mother dearly. One day, Jack's mother fell gravely ill, and no medicine seemed to help her. Jack was desperate to save his mother's life.

One night, as Jack lay in bed, he heard a soft voice calling his name. Startled, he looked around and saw a shadowy figure standing in the corner of his room. It was the devil himself. The devil offered Jack a deal - he would cure his mother in exchange for Jack's soul when he turned eighteen.

Jack hesitated for a moment, but his love for his mother overpowered his fear. He agreed to the devil's deal, knowing that he had to save his mother's life. The devil disappeared, leaving Jack with a heavy heart.

Days turned into weeks, and miraculously, Jack's mother started to recover. She regained her strength, and the village rejoiced. However, Jack couldn't shake off the feeling of impending doom. He knew that the devil would come to claim his soul when the time came.

Years passed, and Jack's eighteenth birthday arrived. He could feel the devil's presence lurking around him. As the clock struck midnight, the devil appeared before Jack, ready to take his soul.

But Jack had a plan. He challenged the devil to a game of wits. If Jack won, the devil would have to spare his soul. The devil, intrigued by the boy's bravery, agreed to the challenge.

They played a game of riddles, and Jack answered every question correctly. The devil, furious and defeated, had no choice but to honor his promise. He vanished into thin air, leaving Jack unharmed.

From that day forward, Jack lived a long and happy life with his mother. He never forgot the deal he made with the devil, but he knew that his love and bravery had saved them both. And so, the brave boy and his mother lived happily ever after.