The Unforgettable Vacation

Once in a small town, there lived a big family of eight. They were always busy with work and school, so they decided to go on a vacation to visit their family in a faraway city. They packed their bags, loaded up the car, and set off on their adventure.

As they drove away, little did they know that they had left behind their mischievous two-year-old, Tommy. Tommy was playing in the backyard, and when he saw the car leaving, he thought it was a game of hide-and-seek. He giggled and hid behind a tree, thinking he was being clever.

The family arrived at their destination and started unpacking. Suddenly, they realized that Tommy was missing! Panic spread through the family as they frantically searched for him. They called the neighbors, the police, and even put up missing posters. But little Tommy was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Tommy was having the time of his life. He wandered around the backyard, exploring every nook and cranny. He found a little bird's nest and watched the baby birds chirping. He played with the family dog, who licked his face and made him laugh. Tommy even discovered a secret stash of cookies hidden in the shed, which he happily devoured.

Back at the vacation house, the family was feeling sad and guilty for leaving Tommy behind. They couldn't enjoy their vacation knowing their little one was missing. They decided to cut their trip short and head back home to find him.

When they arrived, they were greeted by a sight that melted their hearts. Tommy was sitting on the porch, covered in cookie crumbs, with the dog by his side. He looked up at them with a big smile, as if to say, "I had an adventure too!"

The family hugged Tommy tightly, relieved to have him back safe and sound. From that day on, they made sure to count heads before leaving for any trip. And as for Tommy, he would always remember his unforgettable solo vacation, filled with laughter, cookies, and the love of his family.