The New Student at Lincoln Middle School

Maria was nervous as walked into the crowded of Lincoln Middle School in New York City. She had just moved to the city from Puerto Rico and was feeling overwhelmed by the of the school and the number of students. As a Hispanic girl, she stood out among the diverse student body, and she wasn't sure if she would be able to fit in.

During her first few days at school, Maria kept to herself, sitting alone at lunch and avoiding eye contact with her classmates. She missed her old school and her friends back in Puerto Rico, and she felt like she didn't belong in this new environment. One day, as she was sitting in the library during lunch, a girl approached her.

The girl introduced herself as Sarah, and she asked Maria if she wanted to join her and her friends for lunch. Maria was surprised by the invitation but also relieved to have someone to sit with. She hesitantly agreed and followed Sarah to a table where a group of students were chatting and laughing.

As the days went by, Maria started to feel more comfortable at school. She made friends with Sarah and the other students at the table, and she even joined the school's soccer team. She discovered a passion for the sport and found joy in playing with her teammates.

However, not everything was smooth sailing for Maria. One day, during a soccer practice, a boy on the team made a rude comment about her Hispanic heritage. Maria felt hurt and angry, but she didn't know how to respond. She didn't want to cause conflict or make things awkward with her teammates.

After practice, Sarah noticed that Maria was upset and asked her what was wrong. Maria hesitated at first, but then she opened up to Sarah about what had happened. Sarah listened attentively and then suggested that they talk to the coach about the incident.

The next day, Sarah and Maria met with the coach and explained what had happened. The coach was disappointed to hear about the disrespectful behavior and immediately addressed the issue with the team. He emphasized the importance of respect and inclusivity on the team and made it clear that any form of discrimination would not be tolerated.

Maria felt grateful for Sarah's support and for the coach's intervention. She realized that she didn't have to face challenges alone and that there were people who cared about her well-being. She also learned the importance of standing up for herself and speaking out against injustice.

From that day on, Maria felt even more at home at Lincoln Middle School. She had found a sense of belonging and acceptance among her peers, and she knew that she had the strength to overcome any obstacles that came her way. Maria's experience taught her that true friendship and solidarity could help her navigate the ups and downs of school life.