The Lost Teddy Bear

One day, Sarah brought her favorite teddy bear to school. She loved playing with it during recess and always kept it close by. But when it was time to go back to class, she realized her teddy bear was missing. Sarah searched everywhere - in the classroom, on the playground, even in the cafeteria - but it was nowhere to be found. She started to feel really sad and worried.

Just then, her friend Lily came up to her and asked what was wrong. Sarah explained that she had lost her teddy bear and didn't know where to find it. Lily suggested they ask their teacher for help. They went to Mrs. Smith and told her about the lost teddy bear. Mrs. Smith smiled and said she would help them look for it.

The three of them searched high and low, checking every corner of the school. Finally, they found the teddy bear tucked away in a corner of the library. Sarah was overjoyed and gave her teddy bear a big hug. She thanked Lily and Mrs. Smith for helping her find it.

From that day on, Sarah made sure to always keep her teddy bear safe and close to her. She learned that it's important to take care of the things we love and to ask for help when we need it. And she was grateful for her friends and teacher who were there to support her.