The Mischievous Pup

Luke was walking from school when he heard a faint bark. Curious, he followed the sound and found a small puppy wandering around. The puppy had big, pleading eyes and a wagging tail. Luke couldn't resist and decided to take the puppy home.

When Luke arrived home, his mom was surprised to see him with a puppy. She was hesitant at first, but the puppy's adorable face melted her heart. She agreed to let Luke keep the puppy, but only if he promised to take care of it. Luke was overjoyed and named the puppy Max.

Max quickly became a part of the family, causing mischief wherever he went. He chewed on shoes, stole socks, and even managed to sneak food off the table. Despite his antics, Max was lovable and brought joy to everyone in the house.

One day, Luke's mom came home to find a mess in the living room. Max had gotten into a bag of flour and left white paw prints all over the floor. Luke's mom couldn't help but laugh at the sight. She scolded Max gently, but couldn't stay mad for long.

As the days passed, Max grew bigger and more mischievous. He would playfully chase squirrels in the backyard and dig up the flower beds. Luke's mom would shake her head at Max's antics, but deep down, she was grateful for the joy and laughter he brought into their lives.