The Princess Who Learned to Think

Once in a kingdom far away, there lived a princess named Lily. She was known for her beauty, but not for her intelligence. The king and queen worried about her future, as she often made foolish decisions. One day, they decided it was time for Lily to learn how to think for herself.

They hired a wise old tutor named Professor Wise to teach Lily the ways of the world. At first, Lily was resistant to learning. She found it boring and difficult. But Professor Wise was patient and kind, and he showed her that thinking could be fun.

He taught her how to solve puzzles, read books, and ask questions. Lily's mind began to open up, and she discovered a whole new world of knowledge. She learned about history, science, and art. She even started to come up with her own ideas and opinions.

As time went on, Lily's intelligence grew by leaps and bounds. She became known not just for her beauty, but for her wit and wisdom. The king and queen were overjoyed to see their daughter blossom into a smart and capable young woman.

And so, Princess Lily went from being a dummy to being smart, all thanks to the power of thinking. She ruled the kingdom wisely and was loved by all who knew her. And she lived happily ever after, using her brain to make the world a better place.