The New Girl in School

Emma was nervous on her first day at a new school. She didn't know anyone and felt out of place. As she walked into the classroom, all eyes turned to her. The teacher introduced her to the class and asked her to take seat. Emma found an empty desk in the back and sat down quietly.

During recess, Emma sat alone on a bench, watching the other kids play. She wished she had a friend to talk to. Suddenly, a girl with curly hair approached her. "Hi, I'm Sarah. Do you want to play with us?" Emma's face lit up with a smile as she nodded eagerly.

After school, Sarah invited Emma to her house to work on a project together. They spent hours cutting and pasting, laughing and talking. Emma felt like she had known Sarah forever. As they said goodbye, Emma knew she had found a true friend in Sarah.

From that day on, Emma's days were filled with laughter and fun. She no longer felt like the new girl in school, but a part of a wonderful group of friends.