The Mysterious Dream Adventure

Caliyah, Mi'Renae, Journey, and their puppy T'Challa found themselves in Seattle, not knowing how or when they got there. Confused but curious, they embarked on a mission through downtown Seattle's Pike Place Market and the pier. As they explored, they stumbled upon clues that led them to Coulon Beach, where more clues awaited them. Following the trail, they eventually found themselves in Columbia City, where a clue led them to their mom's favorite spot, Geraldine's. They ordered Geraldine's famous French toast and a special treat for T'Challa, receiving a clue from the waitress along with their breakfast. The clue guided them through the Columbia City Farmers Market, where they discovered their final clue. Listening intently, the girls and T'Challa exchanged smiles as they realized they had been peacefully dreaming the same thing. With excitement, they all woke up, realizing they were actually going to Seattle with their parents. The mystery of how they ended up in Seattle was solved, and they were thrilled to explore the city together.