The New Girl at School

Talia was nervous on her first day at school. She didn't know anyone and felt shy. But when she walked into the classroom, the teacher greeted her with a big smile. Talia felt a little better.

The teacher introduced Talia to the class. Everyone said hello and welcomed her. Talia felt happy to be included. During recess, a group of girls asked Talia to play with them. They showed her the swings and the monkey bars. Talia had so much fun playing with her new friends.

In art class, Talia sat next to a girl named Lily. Lily shared her crayons with Talia and they colored together. Talia thought Lily was really nice. At lunchtime, Talia sat with Lily and her friends. They talked and laughed together. Talia felt like she belonged.

After school, Talia's mom asked her how her day was. Talia smiled and said, "I made new friends, Mom!" Talia was excited to go back to school the next day. She couldn't wait to see her new friends again.

The days went by and Talia's friendship with Lily grew stronger. They did everything together - played at recess, sat together in class, and even had sleepovers. Talia was grateful for her new friend and the welcoming school community. She knew she had found a special place at her new school.