The Lost World of Caseoh

Caseoh loved playing games on his tablet. He would spend hours navigating through different worlds and completing challenges. One day, while playing his favorite game, he suddenly found himself sucked into the screen. He was now inside the game, surrounded by towering mountains and lush forests. Caseoh was thrilled at first, thinking it was just another level to conquer. But as he explored further, he realized he was truly stuck in this virtual world.

He tried to find a way out, but every path seemed to lead him in circles. The creatures in the game were friendly, but they couldn't help him escape. Caseoh started to feel scared and lonely. He missed his family and his cozy room back home. As night fell in the game, he huddled under a tree, feeling lost and hopeless.

But then, he remembered something his mom had told him once. "When you're stuck in a tough situation, don't give up. Look for a way out, even if it seems impossible." Inspired by her words, Caseoh decided to keep exploring. He climbed mountains, crossed rivers, and faced challenges he never thought he could overcome.

After what felt like days, Caseoh finally stumbled upon a glowing portal. Without hesitation, he stepped through it and found himself back in his room, holding his tablet. He couldn't believe he had made it out of the game. From that day on, Caseoh still loved playing games, but he made sure to take breaks and never get too lost in them again.