The Brave Soldier

One sunny day, a brave soldier from the US Army came into town. He was wearing a green uniform and had a shiny gun and a sharp knife. As soon as the children saw him, they were curious and excited. They had never seen a real soldier before.

The children gathered around the soldier, asking him questions and admiring his uniform. They were especially fascinated by his gun and knife. They had only seen weapons like that in movies and on TV. Some of the older kids even asked if they could hold them, but the soldier politely refused.

As the soldier walked through the town, the children followed him, trying to get a closer look at his gun and knife. They were amazed by how strong and brave he looked. They wanted to be just like him when they grew up.

Suddenly, one of the bolder kids reached out and tried to grab the soldier's gun. The soldier quickly pulled it away, making sure it was out of reach. The other children gasped in surprise. They didn't realize how dangerous it was to touch a soldier's weapon.

The soldier knelt down and explained to the children that guns and knives were not toys. They were tools that soldiers used to protect themselves and others. He told them that it was important to always ask permission before touching someone else's belongings.

The children listened intently to the soldier's words. They understood that weapons were not meant to be played with. They waved goodbye to the soldier as he continued on his way, feeling grateful for the important lesson he had taught them.