The Missing Toy

Tala loved her favorite toy, a shiny red car. She played with it every day, zooming it around the house. One day, when she went to grab her toy, it was gone. Tala looked everywhere, but she couldn't find it. She felt sad and confused.

Tala decided to be a detective and find out who took her toy. She asked her brother, her mom, and even the family dog, but no one knew where her toy was. Tala thought hard about where she last saw her toy. She remembered playing with it in the living room before dinner.

Tala went back to the living room and looked under the couch, behind the curtains, and even in the toy box. Suddenly, she saw a glimmer of red under the coffee table. Tala crawled under the table and found her toy car hidden behind a plant. She was so happy to have her toy back.

Tala realized that her little brother had taken her toy and hid it as a prank. She forgave him and gave him a big hug. Tala learned that sometimes things go missing, but with a little detective work, they can be found again.