The Lost Dog

Alexandria and Zoe were playing in the park when they noticed a lost dog wandering around. The dog looked scared and confused, so the girls decided to help it. They approached the dog slowly, speaking softly and offering it some food. The dog cautiously sniffed the food before wagging its tail in gratitude. Alexandria and Zoe decided to take the dog to the nearby houses to see if anyone recognized it. They knocked on doors and asked around, but no one seemed to know where the dog came from.

As they walked further, they came across a dense forest with tall trees and lush green grass. The dog suddenly perked up and started running towards the forest. Alexandria and Zoe followed closely behind, worried that they might lose sight of the dog. They emerged from the forest to find a beautiful clearing with a sparkling stream of water running through it. The dog ran towards the stream and started drinking eagerly.

Alexandria and Zoe realized that this must be the dog's home. They were relieved to see the dog happy and safe. As they turned to leave, the dog followed them back to the park. Alexandria and Zoe knew that they had made a new friend that day, and they were grateful for the adventure they had shared with the lost dog.