The Brave Green Berets

Once there was a man who lived in a small village. One day, while he was working in his garden a group of band attacked him. They so cruel that they even cut off his earlobe. The man was in pain and cried for help. Luckily, the US Green Berets heard his cries and came to his rescue. They fought off the bandits and saved the man from further harm.

The man was so grateful to the Green Berets for saving him. He thanked them and asked how he could repay them for their bravery. The Green Berets told him that they didn't need anything in return, they were just happy to help. The man was touched by their kindness and invited them to his home for a feast.

The Green Berets accepted the man's invitation and went to his house. The man's wife cooked a delicious meal for them and they all sat down to eat together. As they shared stories and laughter, the man realized how lucky he was to have such brave and kind friends.

After the meal, the Green Berets bid farewell to the man and his family. They promised to always be there to help those in need. The man was sad to see them go, but he knew that they had other people to save. He thanked them once again and watched as they rode off into the sunset, ready to face whatever challenges came their way.