The Brave Soldier

One day, a brave soldier was on a mission with his friend. They were in a dangerous place, surrounded by enemies. Suddenly, his friend got shot and fell to the ground. The soldier was very sad and scared. He didn't know what to do.

saw zombies coming towards them. The soldier knew he had to protect his's body. He picked up his friend and started running. The zombies were getting closer and closer. The soldier was running as fast as he could.

As was running, he heard a loud noise above him. He looked up and saw a22 Raptor crashing down towards them. The soldier was terrified. He didn't know how to escape. The F22 Raptor crashed just a few feet away from them. The soldier and his friend were safe, but the zombies were still coming.

The soldier knew he had to think fast. He saw a cave nearby and ran towards it. He entered the cave with his friend and blocked the entrance with a big rock. The zombies couldn't get in. The soldier and his friend were safe for now.

Inside the cave, the soldier bandaged his friend's wound. He promised to protect him no matter what. They stayed in the cave until the zombies were gone. The soldier was relieved that they were safe. He knew they had to find a way out and continue their mission.