The Brave Soldier

Once there was a soldier who was very brave. He always followed orders and did his best to protect his country. One day, his general started yelling at him for something he didn't do. The felt very upset and angry. He didn't know what to do.

The soldiers saw what was happening and they didn't it. They knew that the general was being unfair to their brave friend. So, they all pulled out their guns and pointed them the general. The general was shocked and scared. He didn't expect his own soldiers to turn against him.

The brave soldier saw this as his chance to escape. He quickly ran to the helicopter that was parked nearby. Without thinking twice, he jumped in and started the engine. The other soldiers covered him and made sure the general couldn't stop him. The helicopter took off into the sky, leaving the general behind.

As the brave soldier flew away, he felt a mix of emotions. He was sad to leave his fellow soldiers behind, but he knew he had to do what was right. He couldn't stay and be treated unfairly. He promised himself that he would come back one day and make things right. But for now, he was free and flying towards a new adventure.