The Mysterious Masked Invaders

Once there was a school that was invaded by people wearing masks and carrying guns. The masks had different shapes on them, and the children were forced to play childish games. The first game they was red light green light.

The children scared but they knew they had to follow the rules of the game. When the person in charge called out "green light," they could move forward, but when they said "red light," they had to freeze. The masked invaders watched closely, making sure no one cheated.

As the game went on, the children started to relax a little. They realized that the masked invaders were not there to hurt them, but to play with them. The game of red light green light became more fun as they raced to the finish line.

After the game was over, the masked invaders took off their masks to reveal friendly faces underneath. They explained that they were just looking for some friends to play with, and the children were more than happy to oblige.

From that day on, the school and the masked invaders became great friends. They played games together every day and had the best time. The children learned that sometimes things are not always as they seem, and that new friends can come from the most unexpected places. And so, the school was never invaded again, but instead, it became a place of joy and laughter for all.