The Mysterious Red Suit Gang

There was a group of people wearing red suits and black masks. They had strange shapes on their suits. They carried guns and kidnapped kids. The kids were forced to play a game green light, red light. If they moved during the red light, they would get shot.

The children were scared and didn't know what to do. They tried their best to still during the red light. The gang members watched closely, ready to shoot anyone who moved. The kids were trembling with fear, hoping they wouldn't make a mistake.

One brave little girl named Lily came up with a plan. She whispered to the other kids to follow her lead. When the red light turned on, they all froze in place. Lily peeked behind her and saw the gang members looking confused. They didn't know what to do when the kids didn't move.

As the game continued, Lily and the other kids kept following the plan. They stayed still during the red light and moved during the green light. The gang members couldn't believe their eyes. The kids were outsmarting them.

Finally, after many rounds, the gang members gave up. They left the kids alone and disappeared into the night. The children were relieved and grateful to Lily for her quick thinking. They knew they had to stick together and be brave in the face of danger.