The Clever Dolphin

In the deep blue sea, there lived a clever dolphin named Ramya. Ramya loved to explore the ocean and play with her friends. One day, she discovered a hidden treasure chest on the ocean floor. Excitedly, Ramya opened the chest and found a map to a secret island in Florida. She decided to embark on an adventure to find the island and its hidden treasures. Ramya swam through the ocean, following the map's directions. After a long journey, she finally reached the beautiful island. To her surprise, the island was filled with friendly animals who loved to do gymnastics. Ramya joined them and together they performed amazing tricks and flips. The animals were so impressed by Ramya's skills that they made her their leader. Ramya was thrilled to have found a new home and friends who shared her love for gymnastics. She lived happily ever after on the island, teaching her new friends new tricks and exploring the wonders of the ocean.