The Day Nell Finally Pooped

Everyday Nell struggled with a strange problem. He had never pooped since he was a baby. His parents tried everything, from different foods to medicines, but nothing seemed to work. Nell was starting to feel embarrassed and worried.

One day, Nell decided to try sitting on the toilet for a long time. He sat there patiently, waiting for something to happen. And finally after what felt like hours, he felt a strange sensation. Nell couldn't believe it - he was finally pooping!

But the relief soon turned into panic as Nell realized he couldn't stop. The poop kept coming and coming, more than he had ever imagined. It overflowed the toilet, spilling onto the floor and spreading throughout the house.

Nell's parents rushed to the bathroom, shocked at the sight. They quickly tried to clean up the mess, but it seemed never-ending. Nell felt a mix of embarrassment and relief - he had finally pooped, but it had caused chaos in the house.

From that day on, Nell's bathroom habits returned to normal. He learned the importance of listening to his body and not ignoring his natural urges. And though it was a messy experience, Nell was grateful for the lesson it taught him.