The Kindest Girl in Class

Sarah was nervous about starting at a new school. She was worried she wouldn't make any friends. On her first day, Sarah noticed that all the other kids were playing together, but no one talked to her.

That night, Sarah had an idea. She decided to make friendship bracelets for all her new classmates. She worked hard, using colorful strings to weave the bracelets. The next morning, Sarah handed out the bracelets to her classmates.

The other kids were so excited. They all put on the bracelets right away. Sarah watched as the class laughed and played together, admiring the special gifts. Soon, the other students came over to Sarah and started talking to her. They asked her questions about the bracelets and told her how much they loved them.

From that day on, Sarah always had someone to play with at recess. Her classmates would come up to her and show off their bracelets. They would tell her how much they liked wearing them. Sarah felt so happy that she had made new friends just by being kind and thoughtful.

At the end of the school year, Sarah's teacher told the class that she was the kindest student they had. The teacher said that Sarah's bracelets had brought the whole class together. Sarah felt proud of herself for reaching out and making new friends, even though she was nervous at first.