Title Description
Scientific notation Practice expressing numbers in scientific notation.
Equations & inequalities word problems Construct an equation or an inequality that model a given context. Modeling expressions can be quadratic, rational, or exponential.
Relationship between exponentials & logarithms Solve various problems that focus on the relationship between a^x=b and log_a(b)=x.
Add within 20 Practice adding. All numbers in these problems are 20 or less.
Powers of products & quotients Rewrite powers of products and quotients. For example, (3⁵⋅x³)² can be written as 3¹⁰⋅x⁶.
Identify numerators and denominators Practice identifying numerators and denominators in fractions.
Skill check: Atoms and the periodic table Check your understanding of atoms and the periodic table!
Limits from graphs Practice finding two sided limits by looking at graphs.
Find the mistake: two-step equations Practice spotting the mistake in someone else's work as they attempt to solve two-step equations.
Find 1 more or 1 less than a number Practice finding one more or one less than a number.
Multiply by 2 Multiply 2 times a number less than or equal to 10.
Evaluate inverse functions Practice evaluating the inverse function of a function that is given either as a formula, or as a graph, or as a table of values.
Solve sinusoidal equations Solve equations of the form a*sin(bx+c)=d or a*cos(bx+c)=d where a, b, c, and d are any number.
Solve problems with bar graphs 1 Read and interpret bar graphs.
Add 1 or 10 Practice solving problems like 34+1 and 34+10.
Add 1s or 10s (no regrouping) Practice solving problems like 34+5 and 34+50.
Regroup when adding 1-digit numbers Practice adding numbers like 45+8.
Rotate shapes: center ≠ (0,0) Given a figure on the coordinate plane and the definition of a rotation about an arbitrary point, manually draw the image of that rotation.
Mitosis questions Use these questions to check your understanding of mitosis!
Intro to place value Practice thinking about the value of each digit in a number.