Title Description
Skill check: Visualizing multivariable functions Test your ability to recognize functions based on various different ways to visualize them
Discrete random variables For example, find the standard deviation of a random variable given it's probability distribution.
Probability rules For example, given a few probability distributions, which one does not violate any of the probability rules?
Solve for t Practice solving for t
Compare fractions with the same numerator or denominator Compare two fractions that have either the same numerator or denominator.  
Special derivatives quiz Test how well you know the derivatives of several common functions. 
Subdivision Understanding how the subdivision algorithm works
Tangents to polar curves Practice tangent lines of functions defined with polar coordinates.
Taylor, Maclaurin, & Power series challenge Review your understanding of the function approximation series (Taylor, Maclaurin, and Power series) with some challenging problems.
Taylor polynomial approximation Determine the least degree of a Taylor polynomial necessary to approximate a function within a certain bound.
Tell time to hour or half hour Practice telling time on analog clocks to the hour or half hour.
Telling time on the number line Match time of a number line to time on an analog or digital clock. Graph a given time on a number line.
Tell time to the nearest minute Practice telling time using analog clocks. Some clocks do not have labels.
Telling time word problems Solve a word problem to find the duration of an event. Both analog or digital clocks are included. Time in the word problems crosses over the hour.
Time differences Practice finding the difference between times given on two analog clocks. Time differences cross over the hour.
Touching point Confirm your understanding of the construction
Transformation puzzles 1
Transformation puzzles 2
Transformation puzzles 3
Understanding rotation of arbitrary points Understand how we can derive a formula for the rotation of any point around the origin.