Title Description
Alternating series remainder Apply the alternating series remainder to approximate alternating series to a given error bound.
Distance between points in first quadrant Graph and find the distance between point in first quadrant of coordinate plane.
Linear equations in any form You've had practice with a few different forms of linear equations. Now use your skills.
Add within 5 Add small numbers. All answers are five or less.
Add within 10 Practice adding by "putting together" (with numbers less than 10).
Marginal distributions Practice calculating marginal distributions in two-way tables.
Two sample intervals for means For example, given a context, select the expression for a 95% confidence interval.
Coordinating conjunctions Identify coordinating conjunctions and their functions.
Slope fields & equations Work on the relationship between differential equations and the slope field that represents them.
Compare size Practice comparing 2 objects to see which is bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, or longer.
Coordinate plane word problems (quadrant 1) See how we can use the axes on the coordinate plane to represent quantities.
Recognizing run-ons and comma splices Run-on sentences and comma splices happen when a writer isn’t careful with commas. Let’s see how you do!
Frequently confused words: too/to/two Can you tell the difference between the words “to,” “two,” and “too”?
Calculating factorials Understand how to calculate and use factorials
Probability models Practice creating probability models and understand what makes a valid probability model.
Skip-counting by 100s Practice counting by 100s.
Counting casts 2 Counting casts
Multiply by 3 Multiply 3 times a number less than or equal to 10.
Mean value theorem Practice using the mean value theorem.
Adjective order Put adjectives in the right order, using your new favorite memory aid, DOSA-SCOMP.