Title Description
Convert units word problems (US customary) Solve word problems that involve converting between US customary measures of distance, volume, and mass.
Empirical rule Practice applying the 68-95-99.7 empirical rule.
Add and subtract within 100 word problems 3 Practice solving word problems with addition and subtraction.   These questions are start unknown problems including add to and take from problems.  Numbers used are 100 or less.
NCLEX-RN questions on heart-valve disease 1 Questions related to heart valve disease
Intensifiers and adverbs of degree Identify and use adverbs of degree. Many of them don't end in "-ly"!
Hypothesis testing in experiments Look at the results of different experiments, and determine if they are statistically significant.
Calculating the touching point Calculate a point on a parabola using the string art construction
Rates & proportional relationships A variety of questions about rates and proportional relationships involving graphs, tables, and equations.
Read picture graphs (multi-step problems) Interpret picture graphs to answer questions about a context.
Numbers to 120 Practice finding missing numbers in a list of numbers between 0 and 120.
Equivalent fractions (fraction models) Practice finding equivalent fractions. These problems show you pictures of fractions to help you out.
Add fractions with unlike denominators Practice adding fractions that have different denominators.
Dependent and independent events Determine if two events are dependent or independent.
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