Title Description
Volume 1 Find volume of a rectangular prism with labeled side lengths.  Find a missing side length on a rectangular prism when given the volume.
Decimals in expanded form Practice converting decimals between standard form and expanded form.
Add decimals 3 Add larger numbers with tenths like 40.1+7.6
Compare decimals through thousandths Compare 2 decimals with digits up to the thousandths using >, <, and = symbols.
Create expressions with parentheses Practice creating expressions with parentheses from real-world contexts.
Decompose figures to find volume Find the volume of irregular 3D figures by dividing the figures into rectangular prisms and finding the volume of each part.
Divide decimals 1 Dividing whole numbers to get a decimal quotient like 15÷6=2.5
Dividing unit fractions by whole numbers visually Practice dividing unit fractions by whole numbers with visual models.
Estimating with multiplying decimals For example, estimate 6.74 x 1.98 to be 14.
Round decimals Round decimals and whole numbers to the nearest thousand, hundred, ten, one, tenth, or hundredth.
Shapes on the coordinate plane Identify and graph corners on shapes graphed in the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.
Translate expressions with parentheses Practice changing expressions from words to math.
Fractions as division word problems Practice word problems that involve using the fraction bar as division.
Multiplying fractions with visuals Use area models and tape diagrams to multiply a fraction times a fraction.
Volume word problems Find volume of rectangular prisms to solve word problems.
Add decimals 4 Add hundredths like 0.76+0.21
Compare decimals challenge Practice decimal comparison problems that stretch your place value understanding.
Coordinate plane word problems (quadrant 1 - challenging) Find the distance between points, graph points, and interpret data on coordinate planes to solve word problems.
Divide decimals 2 Dividing larger whole numbers to get a decimal quotient like 63÷12=5.25
Dividing whole numbers by unit fractions Practice dividing a whole number by a unit fraction.