Title Description
Quadrilateral types Identify quadrilaterals based on pictures or attributes.  Quadrilaterals included are parallelograms, rhombuses, rectangles, and squares.
Compare decimals visually Practice comparing decimals with the help of visual aids.
Estimating with subtracting decimals For example, estimate 9.72 - 1.9 to be 8.
Place value names Practice identifying place value names for decimal numbers. For example, the 3 in 4.563 is in the thousandths place.
Common fractions and decimals Practice converting between the fraction and decimal form of common numbers like 0.5 or 3/4.
Compare decimals (tenths and hundredths) Practice comparing decimals. Decimals in these problems are limited to tenths and hundredths.
Fractions as division by a multiple of 10 Practice rewriting fractions as decimals by finding equivalent fractions with denominators of 100.
Multiply fractions and whole numbers visually Use area models, number lines, and tape diagrams to multiply a whole number times a fraction.
Volume with unit cubes 1 Find volume of 3-dimensional figures by counting unit cubes.
Compare decimals and fractions Practice comparing decimals and fractions. Decimals and fractions in these problems are limited to tenths and hundredths for easier comparison.
Decimals in written form Practice converting decimals between standard form and written form.
Estimating with adding decimals For example, estimate 12.93 + 6.1 to be 19.
Graph points Plot a given point on the coordinate plane.
Subtract decimals 2 Subtract small whole numbers and tenths like 1.6-0.3
Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators Practice subtracting fractions that have different denominators.
Visually add and subtract fractions Practice adding and subtracting fractions that have different denominators. Problems have fraction diagrams.
Value of a digit Practice identifying the value of one of the digits in a decimal number. For example, the 3 in 4.563 has a value of 0.003.
Volume formula intuition Practice problems that help you see why the volume formula makes sense.
Add and subtract fractions challenge Challenge problems involving adding and subtracting fractions that have unlike denominators.
Add decimals 1 Add tenths like 0.7 + 0.5