Title Description
Understanding rotation of arbitrary points Understand how we can derive a formula for the rotation of any point around the origin.
Understanding spectra Color is a property of light. Test your understanding of this concept and how light can be represented in with a spectral power distribution.
Using colons and semicolons Identify whether to use colons or semicolons in sentences!
Using Le Chatelier's principle Practice using Le Chatelier's principle to predict what happens to a reaction when a stress is applied
Skill check: Using limits Check your understanding of limits in the contexts of continuity, asymptotes, and the squeeze theorem
Using optical traps to manipulate single DNA strands
Using ultrasounds to measure blood flow velocity Questions related to ultrasound and blood flow velocity
Ancient Greek catapults and medical packs This passage will test your knowledge on vectors and scalars
Volume of cones Practice applying the volume formulas for cones.
Volume of spheres Practice applying the volume formulas for spheres.
Weighted average intuition First let's make sure you are comfortable with this construction.
Weighted averages Calculate what weighting used in a weighted average of two points.
Weighted subdivision Understanding what happens in subdivision with different weights
Weighted average of three points Now it's your turn to prove you can calculate the weighted average. Later on we can let the computer do these calculations for us (phew!)
Where did agriculture come from? Test your knowledge of early agriculture!
Rollercoasters are energy at work! This passage will test your knowledge on work and energy
Work and energy questions Questions pertaining to work and energy
Writing equilibrium constant expressions Practice writing equilibrium constant expressions when given a balanced equation
Write fractions as whole numbers Represent fractions as whole numbers and whole numbers as fractions.
Your heart does work: A relationship of pressure and volume Questions related to PV diagrams