Title Description
Swine flu and laser treatment The structure, growth, physiology, and genetics of prokaryotes and viruses
Romantic and sexual networks of adolescents Questions related to social networks and disease diffusion
Sensory adaptation and Weber's Law Questions related to perception
Creating and separating acetone
Setting up problems with constant acceleration Practice identifying the known variables, target unknown, and correct kinematic formula to solve problems where acceleration is constant
Shortwave diathermy in rehabilitative medicine
Sight (vision) - Passage 2 Questions related to vision
Skill check: Applications to other fields and related rates Test how well you can apply the principles of differentiation to other fields.
Skill check: Buffers Check your understanding of buffers and the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
Skill check: Cell division Test your understanding of mitosis, meiosis, and the cell cycle!
Skill check: Partial derivatives and the gradient Test your knowledge of partial derivatives
Skill check: Cellular respiration Check your understanding of cellular respiration!
Skill check: Cellular transport Test your understanding of transport mechanisms in cells!
Chi-square tests for two-way tables For example, given a context, are the results of a chi-square test valid?
Skill check: Electric charge, field, and electric potential Take this skill check to help you determine what you should review in electric charge, field, and electric potential.
Skill check: Mean value theorem, L'Hopital, and local linearization Test your understanding of a few key theorems in differential calculus
Skill check: Membranes, diffusion, and osmosis Test your understanding of membranes, diffusion, and osmosis!
One sample intervals for proportions For example, interpret a 2% margin of error.
One sample intervals for means For example, given a context, is it okay to construct a 95% confidence interval?
One sample tests for proportions For example, given a context, what is the meaning of Type 1 error?