Title Description
Zeros of polynomials challenge problems Solve some more challenging problems that involve reasoning about the zeros of polynomials.
Equivalent fraction models Identify and create equivalent fractions using visual models.  
Create rectangles with a given area Practice finding the area of rectangles by counting unit square. Create rectangles with a given area by covering unit squares.
Measure to find area Practice measuring the side-lengths of a rectangle to find its area.
Multiply by tens word problems Solve word problems with multiples of ten.  Decompose multiples of ten to multiply. 
Multiplying 10s Practice multiplying 2-digit multiples of 10, such as 50x70=3500.
Multiply with arrays Practice multiplying 1-digit numbers using arrays.
Compare fractions of different wholes Compare two fractions based on the whole that each one refers to.
Patterns in multiplication tables Practice discovering and explaining patterns in multiplication tables.
Read bar graphs and solve 1-step problems Interpret bar graphs to answer questions about a context.
Read picture graphs Use picture graphs to solve word problems.
Time differences (within the hour) Practice finding the difference between times given on two analog clocks. Each time difference is less than 60 minutes, and the hour hand stays on the same hour.
Categorize quadrilaterals Classify and compare rectangles, rhombuses, and squares.
Commutative property of multiplication Practice changing the order of factors in a multiplication problem and see how it affects the product.
Divide with visuals Practice basic division using various visuals, such as arrays.
Equivalent fractions on the number line Graph and identify equivalent fractions on a number line.  
Find 1 on the number line Locate 1 on a number line labeled with 0 and a unit fraction.
Transition from unit squares to area formula Find area of rectangles by multiplying side-lengths.
Letters and symbols in multiplication and division equations Practice solving for unknown letters and symbols in equations.
Measure to find perimeter Practice measuring side lengths to find perimeter.