Math Resources That Every Tutor Should Get Their Hands On

By Dan Solt
December 31, 2023

Math is one of the most important subjects for students to understand to succeed in school. However, it is commonly the toughest subject to not only understand but also to teach. At Learn To Be we know how important it is to have the right tools and resources available in order to effectively teach math. Luckily, several online math tools can be incredibly helpful during tutoring sessions. Here are some of our favorites:

Math Videos: BrainPop

BrainPop is home to a library of animated videos, quizzes, and interactive activities on several areas of math including geometry, algebra, fractions, and decimals. Some great features of the website include:

  • Videos that are easy to follow that explain math concepts clearly 
  • Lesson plans for a variety of math concepts from addition and subtraction to fractions
  • Quizzes and activities that assess a student's understanding of a lesson

Math Games: Math Playground 

Math Playground is the go-to math resource for fun and engaging games. It offers various math puzzles and activities for students in grades 1-6. Their games are intended to help students improve their math skills and have fun in the process. These games cover a wide variety of skills and topics including:

  • Strategic multiplication
  • Model word problems
  • Ratio games
  • Adventure games and so much more!

Math Worksheets: CK-12

CK-12 is a website that offers textbooks, videos, exercises, and flashcards that you can use during your session. Utilize the practice exercises to assess your students' understanding of the concepts you're teaching.   

  • Free textbooks and videos that cover over 5,000 different concepts
  • Lesson plans for different grade levels
  • Practice exercises on various topics algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and even calculus 

Geometry Help: Pattern Shapes by The Math Learning Center

Pattern Shapes is a great tool offered by The Math Learning Center that lets students experiment with different geometric shapes and patterns. The Pattern Shapes tool contains a variety of shapes that can be combined and manipulated to create various designs. A tutor can use this during a session by:

  • Using it as a visual aid to help your students understand geometric concepts
  • Create interactive activities for your students 
  • Test your students on different types of shapes and angles

Lesson Plans: IXL

IXL is an online math tutoring platform that offers personalized practice for students K-12. IXL can supply your students with additional practice exercises on specific math concepts. Our favorite features of IXL are:

  • A feed of practice topics based on a student's skill level
  • Personalized instructions that will help you most effectively tutor your student
  • A library of games and practice problems for every grade

    As a registered Learn To Be Tutor, you will get unlimited access to IXL and their reasource library. Many of our tutors love using IXL to develop their curriculum for their tutoring session and it is widely used by Learn To Be. We encourage you to utilize this library in your lesson planning.

Workbooks: is a website that offers thousands of worksheets, games, and activities that were professionally made to make learning fun. 

  • Articles and resources for tutors and teachers on curriculum planning 
  • Video, activities, and books that go in depth about different areas of mathematics
  • Professionally developed guided lessons and workbooks

Math Concept Explanation: Basic Mathematics Blog

Basic Mathematics Blog is another brilliant math resource for tutors because they offer high-quality math-related information, tips, and resources. The blogs are written by mathematics experts, educators, and enthusiasts, making them an essential resource for tutors like you.

  • Explore math-related news, trends, and research
  • Get ideas for new teaching strategies and activities
  • Use their explanations and examples to help your student understand math concepts

It can take time to develop your skills as a tutor and effectively teach students from a variety of different backgrounds and learning capabilities. At Learn To Be our focus is on not only the success of our students but also on making sure we equip our tutors with all the resources they need to have a successful session. These online math tutoring resources offer tutors with fun and engaging ways to improve their student's skills and understanding of math. 

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By Dan Solt
December 31, 2023