Most Valuable Tutor Award

Each month we want to recognize and celebrate our top tutors who go above and beyond for their students!

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How it works

The Learn To Be team tracks and validates the number of tutoring hours monthly. The tutors who log the most hours of tutoring receive a prize! The top tutor will be interviewed by an LTB junior Board member to create a mini bio that will be used to post on social media, slack, and our website. This is a great opportunity to boost your resume!
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First Place

- $50 code to the store
- Full highlight on Slack & Social media
- Forever immortalized as the month's winner on the Hall of Fame below

Second Place

- $30 code to the store
- Shout out on Slack & Social media

Third Place

- $20 code to the store
- Shout out on Slack & Social media

Hall of Fame

These tutors have gone above and beyond for children and the communities in need.
Gina is a retired teacher who previously taught pre-K through 4th grade, and tutored 51 hours in July!
Pratham, Fatemeh, and Janice are our Most Valuable Tutors for June 2023. Fatemeh (pictured here) tutored a total of 40 hours in Math and English this month.
Shreyansh tutored his student in math for 56 hours last month. And his student improved from the 38th percentile in math to an impressive 92nd percentile!
Amber tutored 4 students in math for a total of 27 hours this month!
Phyllis is tutoring two students in reading and one in math. She completed 32 hours of tutoring in March!
Maisoon tutors two 8th grade students in math and tutored a total of 108 hours in February!
Cooper tutors a kindergarten student and a 3rd grade student in reading, and tutored a total of 23 hours in January!

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