Introducing the Learn To Be Tutoring Corp

The 2024 Learn To Be Tutoring Corp

Early in the pandemic, there was talk of a new National Tutoring Corp - a group of highly motivated, passionate individuals who could help kids who needed it most. Help them to improve their math skills and learn to read. The National Tutoring Corp never materialized the way we wanted. So we're starting our own. We're going to mobilize the largest group of young people to help us fight for equity in education. Join us.

What's required as a member of the Tutor Corp?

Here are the requirements for Tutor Corp members

200 hours in 12 months

You commit to tutoring 200 hours of one-on-one, online, volunteer tutoring between June 1, 2024, and May 31, 2025.

Virtual Tutor Corp Events

Attend orientation, engagement activities, and participate in the Tutor Corp Slack community
The Learn To Be Tutoring Corp

Why join the LTB Tutoring Corp

$1000 Reward

Tutor 200 hours within 12 months of joining and you'll earn a $1000 reward-- ideal to put towards high school, college or grad school!

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Tutor 200 hours and you'll receive the PVSA award.

Mentorship and community

Receive a letter of recommendation from our Executive Director and receive mentorship from a community of social entrepreneurs
How To Join The Tutor Corp

How It Works

Fill out the application

2024 applications are open until May 15. Already a tutor at Learn To Be? Log in to your portal to apply.

If you're not already a tutor with LTB, you must first apply to become a tutor and then apply for the Tutor Corp through your portal.

Find a student

After being selected, you'll find one or more students to tutor every week.


Tutor your student(s), help them catch up, teach them skills and get them ahead in school!
Credit card mockups

Our Ideal Tutor Corp Candidate

Is in high school, college, or graduate school. This is not required.
Has a flexible schedule
Has strong communication skills
Is self-motivated
Is passionate about educational equity and enjoys helping others
Is familiar with Zoom and/or other online classroom tools
*no prior tutoring or teaching experience is required

An impact that can last a lifetime

Still unsure about if the Tutor Corp is right for you? Listen to Kayleigh talk about how tutoring at Learn To Be helped her decide what she wants to do with her life.

What Families Are Saying

Some of the impact you'll have when you join
"Our tutor motivates Blake and he looks forward to his tutoring session. She is very patient and explains things in a manner he understands."
8th Grade Math Student
"My tutor was absolutely amazing with my daughter! She was so patient with her! My daughter is always excited about her next session."
1st Grade Reading Student
"Our tutor seems to have been able to quickly build a good rapport with Cameron. I was worried that Cameron might be resistant to tutoring on the weekend, but those concerns were unnecessary. In fact, Cameron's face lights up when he hears that he will have tutoring this weekend. I think he looks forward to the sessions!"
2nd Grade Reading Student
"I love seeing the interaction between the student and the teacher and the way the tutor explains materials to the student that makes easy to understand. Giving enough time to the student to solve a math problem on its own instead of rushing and giving the answer."
Student Parent
4th Grade Math Student
"My tutor was amazing and super kind as well as a great teacher! The best teacher I've had in math honestly. I got everything she explained and learned a lot."
11th Grade Algebra Student
"Faith stated she finally feels like she understood the math they were working on. Working with her tutor one on one really helped her!"
6th Grade Math Student
"Our tutor has enabled Elizabeth to have more confidence in school. We are now hearing from teachers that she is more engaged and is putting forth more effort to stay on top of her studies. She truly enjoys the tutoring sessions and has said nothing but great things!"
7th Grade Math Student



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