The Angel's Poison

In a realm where angels roamed the skies, there was one angel named Seraphina who had a unique job. She was tasked with delivering a special potion known as "The Angel's Poison" to those in need. This potion had the power to heal any ailment or cure any sickness, but it came with a price. Seraphina had to carefully choose who to give the potion to, as it could also bring out the darkness within a person if used for the wrong reasons.

Every night, Seraphina would fly down to the mortal world with a vial of the potion in hand. She would search for those who were truly deserving of its healing powers, those who had pure hearts and good intentions. But there were always those who sought to use the potion for their own selfish gain, and Seraphina had to be vigilant in protecting the potion from falling into the wrong hands.

One day, a young girl named Lily fell gravely ill, and her parents prayed for a miracle. Seraphina heard their prayers and descended from the heavens to deliver the potion to Lily. As soon as the potion touched her lips, Lily's illness vanished, and she was filled with a newfound strength and vitality. Seraphina smiled, knowing that she had once again fulfilled her duty as the bearer of The Angel's Poison.

But as she flew back to the skies, Seraphina couldn't shake the feeling of unease. She knew that there were those who would stop at nothing to get their hands on the potion, and she vowed to protect it at all costs. For in the wrong hands, The Angel's Poison could bring about not only healing, but also destruction. And it was up to Seraphina to ensure that it was used for good, and good alone.